Early voting in the Harrison special sales tax election slowed somewhat in the second day, but 12% of all registered voters in Harrison had cast ballots by about 3:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Records from the Boone County Election Center show that voters ages 55 and up had cast almost three-quarters of all votes recorded. The breakdown by age shows:

• Ages 18 to 24 — 14, or 1.43%

• Ages 25 to 34 — 42 or 4.28%

• Ages 35 to 44 — 113, or 11.52%

• Ages 45 to 54 — 114, or 11.62%

• Ages 55 to 64 — 187, or 19.06%

• Ages 65 to 74 — 278, or 28.34%

• Ages 75 and up — 233, or 23.75%

Officials say the busiest times for early voting Wednesday were from 9-10 a.m. when 58 votes were cast and 2-3 p.m. when 61 people voted.

The city is asking voters to approve a 0.75% sales tax to finance construction of a $39.9 million community recreational complex. That tax would expire when bonds sold are paid off, which could be up to 15 years.

Voters are also asked to approve a 0.25% sales tax to maintain the new facility and other existing parks facilities. It would be a permanent tax.

Because the two issues are separate questions on the ballot, one could pass and the other fail.

Officials have said that if the 0.75% temporary tax passes and the 0.25% tax fails, they will have to consider the next move because there would be no additional money to operate and maintain it. The city won’t be required to levy the larger tax if the smaller one fails.

If the lesser tax passes and the larger fails, the revenue would be used for existing parks facilities.

Early voting will continue from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Thursday Friday, Nov. 7 and 8, and again Monday, Nov. 11, at Boone County Election Center at the corner of West Central Avenue and South Cherry Street in Harrison.

Election day is schedule for 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 12. The Election Center will be open, as well as Woodland Heights Baptist Church on Gipson Road.

Results of early and absentee voting will be released after both polling places close that day.

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Took a while to find an amortization tool that would allow 40 million to be entered. But a 30 year @ 2.75% ends up with ~ $18,786,730 in interest. https://www.mortgagecalculator.net/amortization/


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