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Brittney Breedlove, 29, of Everton

Brittney Breedlove, 29, of Everton, a former teacher at Valley Springs School, was arraigned Friday on rape and sexual assault of two juvenile males, records show.

The rape charge alleges Breedlove engaged in sexual intercourse with a juvenile male under the age of 14. The information says the the allegations cover a four-year period.

“The juvenile was able to provide law enforcement officers with details regarding the defendant’s home and its contents, as well as a description of the defendant’s anatomy,” the charge reads.

The sexual assault charge states that Breedlove, being a teacher, engaged in sexual intercourse with a person not her spouse and a student enrolled in the school where she taught.

The information alleges Breedlove made arrangements for the 16-year-old student to go to her residence while her spouse was away, then engaged in sexual intercourse in a vehicle parked outside her house.

In addition, the state alleges that she engaged in intercourse with the student over the subsequent three months at her residence, at a truck stop and at a location in Harmon

Breedlove had been a middle school teacher at Valley Springs, but the school board met in special session Monday, Aug. 31, and voted unanimously to accept Breedlove’s resignation after meeting in closed session for an hour.

Breedlove’s single-sentence resignation letter stated no reason for her resignation, which she wrote would be effective Wednesday, Aug. 26.

She was arrested on probable cause for the allegations on Sept. 10 and released after posting $25,000.

Her name did not appear on a list of defendants to be arraigned Friday morning, and officials say she appeared only briefly to enter a not guilty plea.

Officials also say the arrest affidavit in her case file was sealed by court order.

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