The Fuller Center for Housing was on the move Monday, so residents and motorists in Eagle Heights may have been surprised to see a house on wheels and rolling to a new home.

Ozark Opportunities gave the home to the non-profit organization to create space for additional parking and Head Start classrooms.

A spokesperson for the organization said the cost of demolishing the home was the same as moving it, so the house was donated to the Fuller Center for Housing so it could be used as a home for someone in need.

“‘The Fuller Center for Housing — Save a House/Make a Home’ national initiative began as a response to American’s foreclosure crisis as people began to ponder ways to bridge the glut of foreclosed homes owned by banks with the housing needs of families,” a spokesman said.

A group of individuals formed the local chapter of the Fuller Center for Housing of North Central Arkansas in 2009.

The current project is the largest undertaking for the local group. Donations are still needed before this project is completed.

Clara Sims said, “I know money is tight, but if everyone would contribute $15 for Fuller, we could raise the $25,000 needed to complete this project.”

A unique aspect of this project is that homeowners pay back what they can, to have a real sense of ownership in the remodel projects.

The Fuller Center’s original goal was to help individuals who may need some assistance with building a wheel chair ramp, adding some weathering to a home, or other miscellaneous tasks.

To contribute to the Fuller Center for Housing checks can be mailed to the Harrison Regional Chamber of Commerce at 621 East Rush Avenue or call 870741-2659.

Editors Note: The original story was published on Jan. 12 on the Harrison Daily Times website.

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