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James L. White/Staff

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson presents Ruby Kate Chitsey with a certificate of recognition for her efforts in Three Wishes for Ruby’s Residents.

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson made a trip to Harrison on Wednesday, and he made a special stop at Hillcrest Nursing Home for a chance to meet with Ruby Kate Chitsey to honor her work on behalf of senior citizens.

Ruby Kate, 12, is the founder of Three Wishes for Ruby’s Residents. She started the organization by visiting with nursing home residents and asking them what three things they would want if they had three wishes. Many of those residents have very little money and she thought they might ask for exorbitant gifts, but she soon found out they only wanted simple things.

She has since been nationally and even internationally honored for her efforts that have helped more than 1.5 million seniors.

Ruby Kate also has a board supporting her, including Sawyer Hartman, Leo Gaeta and her brother, Olive, all of whom are 10 years old.

“During Ruby Kate’s visit to my office at the Capitol last spring, she told me that her hobby is kindness,” Hutchinson said. “I thought that’s a hobby we should all take up. Ruby Kate has taught us by example how simple acts of generosity and thoughtfulness can truly improve the lives of others.”

Hutchinson presented Ruby Kate with a certificate of recognition and appreciation. The governor also gave Ruby Kate and her organization an envelope of money he said he had collected.

“It’s not much, just a little bit to help you in your work and ministry,” Hutchinson said Wednesday morning. “I’m very proud of you, Ruby, and your team that also supports you in this work. She sets a pretty good example of kindness and I think the state appreciates it. I was telling Ruby that sometimes adults learn from kids. And her kindness is a good example for everyone.”

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