Friday evening, Oct. 4, was the debut of the Brand Anthem Video sponsored by the #believeboonecounty initiative.

The video was available at three showings in the Lyric Theater in conjunction with Harvest Homecoming.

Brandon Cone said, “I thought it was fantastic and better than I could have even imagined.”

Ty Freeman and Jeff Gibbs recently returned to Harrison after being gone for about 10 years. “It’s especially meaningful and emotional for us because it reminds us why we decided to return. We’re very glad to be back home,” they said.

Jim Gresham said, “It was impressive, it was the feeling of home. It was a joy to watch.”

Jeff Christenson added, “I thought it was tastefully done and made the community look good!”

“I thought it was interesting that the ‘welcome home’ theme just emerged out of the interviews with everyone,” Kim Jannett said.

Scott Tennyson, “It’s just plain awesome.”

Linda Mann, “It was really good. It just can’t show everything the town has, but we enjoyed it.”

Bill Kneip, “I thought it was an inspiring representation of the city.”

Sammie Cribbs said, “It was a great representation of the wonderful community we live in.”

Dr. Jennifer Bartlett said, “After all these years of the media and others portraying Harrison in a negative light, this video does a great job of revealing how welcoming Harrison truly is. I love living in such a great community! Great Job #believeboonecounty.”

“This video affirmed to me why we chose to return to Harrison and raise our family here. It tells our story very eloquently,” Melissa Collins, one of the co-chairmen of the initiative said.

The three-minute video was shown twice during each session. In between, co-chairmen of the #believeboonecounty initiative gave an update on the project.

“The video is just a start. We are working on a plan that showcases our whole community. But to make it work, we will need every member of the community to create, post and share their stories,” Collins said.

“It’s our desire that local businesses and industries post this video to their website,” Collins said. “In addition to this three minute video, there is a 30 second and a 15 second available for use also. There are also six hours of video B roll, hundreds of still photos that your business can use, too. Just contact the Chamber.”

“I also want to thank Patty Methvin and Bob Largent for their hard work, as former and current directors of the chamber to see us to this place,” Collins said.

The other co-chairman of the #believeboonecounty initiative, Kim Jennett, said, “I hope this video makes you feel good about our home. When #believeboonecounty began, we started with a strengths and weakness analysis plan. This plan will continue to evolve, adapt and is already out of date. But that’s a good thing, and something we should be proud of. We are accomplishing things and ready to move on.”

Four pillars of emphasis were developed: Advance Region’s Economy; Improve the Quality of Life; Develop, Retain and Acquire Talent; and Tell our Story.

“Under each pillar were significant action plans. In the plan published in 2018, there were 47 initiatives developed,” Collins said. “Twelve have been completed. Thirty are on-going and will likely never have an end date. Five out of 47 have yet to begin. This community plan is all about working on our strengths and having something our community can really be proud of.”

“We are partners and contributors to this project, and we appreciate the businesses and personal donations,” Collins said. “Last year, in 2018 we raised more than $149,000 in pledges to the initiative. More than $52,000 has not been invoiced yet. We wanted to have important deliverables, such as this video before we asked for the money.”

“The discussion for #believeboonecounty started around 2016 and developed into so much more than the brand anthem video. The college and area high schools have already been working on workforce development,” Collins said. “Every entity working on a project to make our community better, has come together with their part of the strategic plan. We have collaborated with so many and excited about the future.”

Businesses and industries can contact the Harrison Regional Chamber of Commerce at (870) 741-2329 for the link to place the video on a company website. Others can share the video after viewing from the Chamber’s or the Harrison Daily Times’ Facebook pages.

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