The first order of business by the Harrison City Council members when they met for committee hearings last week was to establish standing committees for the new year.

This involved selecting chairpersons and seating new committee members or re-seating members who wished to continue serving on their particular committees.

Here is the finalized list of committees, chairs and members for 2020:

• Community Environment, Services & Welfare – Joel Williams Chairman

Areas of Emphasis - General Planning, Housing, Cemetery, Parks Councilmen Assigned – Chris Head, Mary Jean Creager, Linda DeWald, Heath Kirkpatrick, Wayne Cone

• Finance – Mitch Magness Chairman

Areas of Emphasis – Budget, Disbursements, Pensions, Insurance Councilmen Assigned – All 8 Council Positions

• Internal Affairs – Linda DeWald Chairman

Areas of Emphasis – Personnel, Facilities, Technology, Policies & Appeals Councilmen Assigned – Chris Head, Mary Jean Creager, Mitch Magness, Bill Boswell

• Public Safety – Mary Jean Creager Chairman

Areas of Emphasis – Police, Civil Defense, Fire & Rescue, Animal Control Councilmen Assigned – Chris Head, Linda DeWald, Heath Kirkpatrick, Joel Williams, Wayne Cone

• Public Works & Transportation – Chris Head Chairman Areas of Emphasis – Water, Sewer, Streets, Solid Waste, Code Enforcement, Health Concerns, Planning & Zoning Councilmen Assigned – Bill Boswell, Joel Williams, Wayne Cone

• Resources & Policy – Bill Boswell Chairman

Areas of Emphasis – Legislation, Ordinances, Grants & Funding Councilmen Assigned – Chris Head, Mitch Magness, Heath Kirkpatrick, Joel Williams, Wayne Cone

Mayoral Appointments & Council Liaisons:

• Planning Commission - Joel Williams

• Parks & Rec Commission, Council Liaison: Linda DeWald

• Perpetual Care Board Chairman - Mary Jean Creager

• CATPC - Mary Jean Creager, Heath Kirkpatrick

• Mayor Pro-Tem: Wayne Cone

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