“The school board cannot thank you enough for what you do on a daily basis,” Harrison School Board president, Mitch Magness addressed the staff at the Back to School meeting on Monday, Aug. 12. “We recognize how hard your job is and we support you. I can tell you from a board member’s perspective that Dr. Pratt is the right person to do this job. He’s a man of high morals, convictions and honest character. We don’t always agree, but he does his job as well as anyone.”

Magness continued, “With the school board and staff we have in place, I think we are poised to be the best district in the state.”

He went on to say another administrator from a different district told him that the Harrison district stands out. “You are already thought of as leaders in the state. Let’s make the most of our leadership and potential.”

Each year the Harrison Public Schools Foundation makes a presentation of grants awarded to the teachers.

Harrison Public Schools Foundation vice president and retired Superintendent Dr. Charles Adair said, “You teachers make an impact on the students. Recently I’ve had two adults in their 60s tell me the impact an elementary teacher had on their life. You encourage, support and help them beyond normal teaching duties. We appreciate you.”

Since 1998 the Foundation was formed to provide additional enrichment opportunities for students. Since that time, at least 330 grants for a total of almost $400,000 have been awarded. The Foundation has also participated in special projects such as “Take A Seat” for the Performing Arts Center.

This year, the Harrison Public School Foundation awarded $21,416 to teachers, including:

• Sandra Tennyson, “thINK Print and Press,” $1,421.

• Amanda Street, “Global Read Aloud,” $754.

• Kelsey Brightwell, “Who am I? Exploring Identity Through Photography,” $612.

• Eva Brightwell, “Back to our Roots,” $1,913.

• Julie Gilbert,“ Attendance Works for Me,” $300.

• Rebecca Crow, “Light me Up: Take One,” $906.

• Carrie Pellerin, “Tumble Into Computers,” $935.

• Carrie Pellerin, “Experience the World,” $2,120.

• Stephanie Barr, “Life Skills Work Program,” $1,800.

• Amanda Atkinson, Holly Bower, Connie Mooney, Ginger Patton, “Rounding up Country Critters,” $995.

• Jenny Cowling, “From Bottom Up,” $2,000.

• Stephanie Benton, “Classroom Authors,” $1,800.

• Lynn Holmes, “Reach for the Stars,” $1,731.

• Trent Brewer, Shirley Dirst, “Books Unite: Building a Community of Readers,” $1,870.

• Tammye Stahler, “Flying Vectors,” $660.

• Teresa Husser, “Read, Write, Record: Bringing Literacy to Life,” $1,599.

One of the main fundraisers for the Foundation is the Distinguished Alumni Banquet scheduled this year for Tuesday, Sept. 24.

“This year the Foundation will honor retired teacher Sally Jo Gibson, and John O. and Libby Campbell and their family of Goblin graduates, Melissa, Kevin, Craig and Kirk Campbell,” Adair said.

Adair introduced the Foundation board of directors and recognized Tammy Roth for serving since the board began — “I think that is 21 years,” he said.

The grants awarded this year were approximately $ 5,000 more than last year. Adair thanked the teachers for their service and said he wished all the grants could be approved.

To make a donation or reservation contact Mary Beth Hatch at (870) 743-3000. Banquet tickets will be $40 each ($25 for faculty or staff members). Donations can be mailed to Harrison Public Schools Foundation, 110 S. Cherry, Harrison, AR 72601.

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