The Boone County Quorum Court has a full agenda set for its Tuesday night meeting.

The court’s Road, Bridges and Buildings Committee met last week, and the need was brought up by Justice of the Peace Rodney Sullins that the coroner's office is in need of a refrigeration unit. There were two bids submitted, with another bid expected to be turned in, he said.

Documents provided to the committee shows Ozark Refrigeration submitted a proposal for $4,853.21 including sales tax with a warranty and guarantee for unspecified years. Curtis Heating and Cooling submitted a proposal for $7,487.86 with a five-year parts warranty and one-year labor.

Sullins said he will give a report to the Quorum Court at Tuesday night.

Committee chairman Fred Woehl will not be at the quorum court meeting Tuesday, but he asked Sullins to give the road report for him.

Woehl reported last week that the Arkansas Department of Transportation has agreed to install a 4-way stoplight at the 412/65 intersection south of Harrison. He said The Junkshun Barn will grant an easement. Three businesses will benefit from the stop light.

Troy Burleson, a Harrison-based security consultant, has been working with county officials on security for the courthouse and other county buildings.

County Judge Robert Hathaway noted that some outdoor lights have been installed to illuminate the flags on the courthouse lawn. A grant for the purpose of security provided the funding.

Hathaway also said pets doing their business on the courtyard has become a problem. Some people are responsible and clean up after their pets, but others do not. The judge said he is planning on putting signs up stating that pet owners should pick up pet waste. If this doesn't correct the problem, he said he will have to ban pets from the courtyard.

The quorum court has several appropriations ordinances to consider Tuesday night, items that came from last week’s standing committee meetings.

The Road Department received a check from the Omaha Volunteer Fire Department for $422.22 for fuel. It needs to be moved to the Road Department, Fuel Fund. The ordinance is sponsored by JP David Thompson.

The Road Department also received two checks for $247 from the town of Zinc for fuel. These funds should be moved to the Road Department, Fuel Fund. This ordinance is sponsored by JP Glenn Redding.

A third ordinance forwarded to the court by the committee appropriates $916 from within Circuit Court Judge John Putman's budget into another line item. After doing improvements to the office, the judge needs to move the funds from Special Legal to Building Materials in order to cover the cost of the carpet, with no new funds added. This ordinance is sponsored by JP James Widner.

An appropriation ordinance was presented by Justice Redding. It calls for establishing a Boone County District Court Probation Fund, upon an agreement with the City of Harrison and the County . The money would provide the office with a budget to continue operating the Boone County District Court Probation Office through December 2019.

Redding called attention to the fact that the two probation officers have been buying their own fuel, and tires as well as one cutting her own pay to cover costs in the department.

The proposal calls for adding a $5 fee on each citation written in the district court's jurisdiction that would be put into the fund.

After some discussion, Justice Redding moved to take the ordinance to the full court with Justice Bryan Snavely seconding. Justice Snavely will sponsor it.

Bob Largent, CEO of the Harrison Regional Chamber of Commerce, appeared briefly before the Finance Committee. He said he wanted to clarify his request last month for $35,000 to assist the chamber carry out economic development work to benefit the area.

He said this money would be budgeted in the fiscal year 2020. Finance Committee chairman Jim Harp noted that the committee will soon begin preparing the county's 2020 budget.

Largent noted that Boone County has seen $12.5 million in new business expansion since Jan. 1. There are 140 net new full-time jobs.

This is evidence of the direction the chamber is going in the area of economic development, he said.

Regarding the recent announcement of Flexsteel Industries ending operations in Harrison in August eliminating 109 jobs and closing of two buildings, Largent reported there will be a job fair for Flexsteel employees on July 20. Two states and 29 companies are participating in the job fair.

North Arkansas College is working with the employees to provide training opportunities and extending the registration period for those workers wanting to enroll in college courses next semester.

There has also been six valid concerns interested in purchasing the two Flexsteel buildings, pending the company setting a price for the assets, Largent said.

The quorum court is set to meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday in the conference room at the Office of Emergency Management on East Prospect Avenue just off the Bypass in Harrison.

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