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Destiny AnnMarie Greenhaw (left) is the Valedictorian and Madison Jo McPherson is the Salutatorian for Lead Hill High School. They will graduate with their class Saturday, May 18.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is 16th in a series of stories dedicated to honor graduates from area high schools.

School: Lead Hill High School

Date: May 18, 2019

Time: 4 p.m.

Location: Lead Hill High School Gymnasium

Number of Grads: 26

Destiny AnnMarie Greenhaw is the Valedictorian and Madison Jo McPherson is the Salutatorian for Lead Hill High School.

Destiny is the daughter of Randy and Buffy Greenhaw and Madison is the daughter of Tim and Carol McPherson.

What event, or who encouraged you to reach for this goal of honor graduate?

• Destiny: My mother really encouraged me to be the best and do the best I can. After tying for valedictorian in 6th grade, I was determined to be the senior class valedictorian.

• Madison: I have always loved competition and all through school I would compete with the same group of girls to be the best in the class. I couldn’t stand the thought of losing so I pushed myself to become one of the top students.

What was a favorite extracurricular activity you did in elementary school?

• Destiny: My favorite activity was basketball. I began playing in 4th grade and quit during my junior year to better prepare myself for the future with a job.

• Madison: I would have say PE with Coach Reese was always my favorite. It was always super fun and I always left with a smile on my face. He had the best games and competitions for us and I will never forget that.

How has technology benefited your education?

• Destiny: Technology has allowed me to explore more than ever. I was a completer in some business classes. Without technology, I would not be able to take these classes or stay connected with my teachers and classmates.

• Madison: Technology has benefited my education by having access to the internet in the palm of my hand. The access to knowledge I would not have without it. It’s helped me type essays, calculate math problem, and help me take one step further towards my career of being an accountant by offering the online class.

What would you say to someone just beginning their high school career?

• Destiny: I would encourage them to join as many clubs and activities as they can. You are going to remember these memories forever. Also, try your hardest.

• Madison: I would tell them to be a part of something, whether it’s sports or clubs, just be a part of something. It gives you something to look forward to and memories that you can cherish forever. I wouldn’t trade anything for all the memories I’ve made being involved in sports and clubs.

What are your future plans?

• Destiny: I will continue my education at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with a biology major. I will later transfer to dentistry school.

• Madison: I plan on attending college College of the Ozarks where I will be majoring in accounting.

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