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Barbara Fraizer of Harrison holds a money order and letter she recently received, but was postmarked more than 17 years ago and was lost in the mail.

Barbara Fraizer of Harrison recently found out that “the check’s in the mail” could be true, even after 17 years.

Fraizer said she got a Priority Mail letter last week with a postal money order for $200. She thought something was wrong because the man from whom the check was mailed didn’t even live at that address in Des Moines, Iowa, anymore.

Then she looked at the postmark on the letter, which read May 26, 1998.

She said that she was waiting for that money order 17 years ago, and when she was told it had been mailed, she scoffed.

“I didn’t believe him,” she said. “I yelled a lot.”

When she realized there had been a mistake, she took action.

“I did call to tell him I got it finally,” Fraizer said. “He said, ‘I told you so.’”

Post Office officials say it’s not unheard of for a letter to get stuck in a mail bag. Sometimes that bag may be tossed in a corner until it’s needed again, and that could even be 17 years later.

There was no expiration date on the money order, so she went to cash it. She got the money, but said she didn’t have a real plan for it.

“I’ve lived without it this long, so maybe I can splurge on something,” Fraizer said.

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It's better than nothing,obviously.But now,that $200 will pay for 54% of what she could've bought with it 17 years ago...A $200 item in 1998,would now cost $292.81...

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