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Harrison Mayor Jerry Jackson told members of the Harrison City Advertising and Tourism Promotion Commission on Thursday that another “wave” of COVID-19 cases in Boone County is possible.

When the Harrison City Advertising and Tourism Promotion Commission met Thursday morning, Mayor Jerry Jackson offered some news about the possibility of another “wave” of COVID-19 cases.

Jackson said he has received numerous complaints about people locally not complying with state Department of Health directives regarding limiting the spread of the coronavirus.

Most of those complaints are in relation to restaurants and largely about employees not wearing face coverings.

Some of those people actually just want to complain, but some are very serious about following up on complaints, Jackson said. He is forwarding those on to the Health Department.

After the first COVID-19 death was reported in Boone County, he and others began thinking of ways to get back on track with emphasizing the need to follow directives all over town.

“Because we all have slacked off a little, probably a lot,” Jackson told commissioners.

They still have some “6” signs that remind people to maintain a six-foot distance from other people and they will be installed again.

But he also said they are reaching out to the medical community, encouraging those professionals to create videos detailing the importance of minimizing spread of the virus.

“The death is unfortunate, but I think it’s an opportunity for us to get their attention maybe a little bit more,” Jackson said. “That’s kind of our focus.”

Commissioner Mary Jean Creager asked if the death was local.

Jackson said the individual showed a Boone County address, but the individual hadn’t lived at the address for more than a year and was actually in a nursing home. The disease was contracted elsewhere, it was treated elsewhere and the death occurred elsewhere.

But because the individual had a Boone County address, it was reported as such.

Still, the mayor said now is a time for vigilance.

“We feel we’ve got another wave coming,” Jackson said Thursday. “There were a couple yesterday and I think you’re going to find more today.”

He said officials are keeping a close eye on the number of positive cases reported, waiting to see if the numbers begin to double.

“It could get interesting again,” Jackson said.

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