"The one thing just to let people know is, there will still be bags," said Adam Schlachter, an Environmental Program Manager II with DNREC. "The law does not affect 100% of the stores in Delaware. The single-use carry bags that you're used to will still be available at certain stores. There's been some concern of, 'Oh my bags are disappearing,' and that's not the case at all. There will be bags, I promise." Read more

When it comes to making news about protests and action for liberal causes, schools in New England seem to dominate the news. We’ve seen violence and protests surrounding visits from Charles Murray and Ryszard Legutko at Middlebury College. Brown University spent hundreds of millions of dollars in response to student protests related to questions of diversity and inclusion. Yale has seen numerous protests and student arrests, and students there attacked and harassed a faculty couple who headed a residential college in 2015 claiming that they felt unsafe because of an email message about Halloween costumes. Read more

Harrisburg, Pa. – Last week, Pa. Governor Tom Wolf vetoed Senate Bill 790, a piece of legislation that would enact the Conventional Oil and Gas Wells Act. The act would govern Pennsylvania's shallow-well oil and gas industry, taking away some of the state Department of Environmental Protection's authority to subject the industry to regulations. The Senate argued that the DEP is currently unfairly applying unconventional deep-well drilling regulations to shallow-well operations. Read more

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