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Alpena Mayor Theron McCammond swears in Bonnie Morton onto the city council after the council elected her to a vacant seat Monday morning.

ALPENA — Bonnie Morton was elected as the new Alpena City Council member at the Monday morning council meeting.

Former Alderman Chris Massengale tendered his resignation last month and the council accepted it. Mayor Theron McCammond said there was no controversy surrounding Massengale’s decision.

Alpena citizens interested in filling Massengale’s position were invited to the regular monthly meeting Monday.

When the mayor asked if anyone was present to be considered, Morton stepped forward.

Morton explained that she moved to Alpena last fall with her husband and son to be closer to her daughters. Her husband suffers from heart problems and her son has traumatic brain injuries as a result of a car wreck when he was hit by a drunk driver.

She said she moved to Alpena from a large city, partially because they were concerned about their health care.

“But that was soon taken care of because of our great first responders and fire department, and believe me I have used them many times,” Morton said.

One of her daughters served on the town council at one time, as well as on the fire department board. Another daughter was a first responder and served on the fire department board.

Morton said she retired from a large corporation, where she worked in retail sales. She told the council that she saw the need for a dollar store in town and emailed several. Dollar General responded and located a store in Alpena.

Now, she said she can see the need for an alderman on the council.

“If I am elected, I’ll do my best for what’s good for the people here,” she said. “We have the most caring, compassionate people here.

“What I’d like to see is this town to grow, be a happy town. We’ve got good people here. I’ve lived in large cities and believe you me, this is home.”

Morton was the only candidate Monday and the council voted unanimously to elect her to the vacant seat.

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