After serving 11 years as a celebrated member of the San Francisco Police Department, Officer Fritz has retired and moved back to the place of his birth in the Ozark hills. Born on the Waddle farm near Berryville on March 20, 1997, Fritz, aka TR Par Chex, was sired by the paint horse Skippers Amigo Par owned by W. Tim Roberts of Berryville and his dam, quarter horse mare Chexalita Doc. from California.

Mike and Denise Waddle knew that Fritz was something very special at an early age. Denise began training him and in 2000, Fritz started his show career. As a 3-year-old in the hunter division of the South West Missouri Hunter/Jumper division, with Denise’s riding student, Jeanne Peszka as his rider, Fritz performed brilliantly. Fritz and Jeanne won the year-end championship.

In 2001, Fritz won the low hunter division with Denise as his rider. Again in 2002 and 2003, Fritz excelled in the North West Arkansas and South West Missouri Hunter/Jumper divisions with several wins. When he wasn’t competing, Fritz enjoyed trail riding and teaching many young people and beginners how to safely ride a horse in the Ozark mountains.

At the age of 8, Fritz retired from competition and moved to California to stay with Denise’s sister, Marielle, where he was an excellent trail riding horse. One day while riding in the Golden Gate Park, members of the San Francisco Mounted Police Unit saw him and invited him to their 30-day program for training police horses. Fritz’s impressive size, presence and intelligence earned him an honored place in the SFPD Mounted Unit who purchased him in 2009.

Officer Fritz was a favorite of the visitors to the Golden State Park as he patrolled the area. On opening day in 2015, Fritz carried San Francisco Giants’ pitcher, Madison Bumgardner, onto the field carrying the 2014 World Series flag. At the age of 24, the SFPD decided to retire Fritz while he was still healthy and vigorous.

Denise requested the Fritz be allowed to return to the Ozarks and live out his days grazing in the pastures of his youth. Fritz has been home for a month now and has settled in to his 2-acre pasture with his half-brother, a 13-year-old gelding.

Denise rides Fritz once in a while to maintain fitness and flexibility. Recently, she noticed that Fritz had learned an additional gait he did not have as a hunter. With a slight adjustment of the reins, he will go from a walk into a 3-mph, slow animated trot, the exact speed he used at the many the parades he performed in including the Rose Bowl.

Welcome home, Officer Fritz.

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