The Boone County Quorum Court adopted several ordinances at its regular business meeting Tuesday night that included appropriation of funds.

A new air conditioning/refrigeration system was recently installed in the county morgue. The old system was not working properly. The court approved the appropriation of $5,212.21 to cover the cost of the equipment. The system has a five-year warranty on parts, with one-year on labor.

Funds were appropriated to the Sheriff’s Office, $47.68 and to the Veterans Services Office, $116.28.

The sum, $163.68, is funds that were received from COBRA health insurance for previous employees who are continuing coverage. No new funds are appropriated.

The following appropriations were made from the Boone County General Fund to the Historic Preservation Grant Fund in the amount of $60,255.89. Boone County received a check for restoration of the exterior of the Old Federal Building in the amount of $52,615.89. Boone County also received a Historic Preservation Grant in the amount of $7,610.00 to power wash the upper portion of the Old Federal Building. This fund was established to cover the expenditures for the work done, with no new money requested. Also, $6,799.89 was moved from the Historic Preservation Grant Fund to County Buildings to reimburse payment to the architect and the grant writer for the Old Federal Historical Restoration Grant. There was $4,824.89 paid to the architect and $1,975.00 to NWAEDD. There are no new funds requested.

The appropriation of $11,080 was made from General Fund to County Buildings for a one-time Rainy Day Grant from a State Committee on Security and Emergency Preparedness, to be used to update a security camera system.

The court approved $5,509 be moved from within the Collector's Office to part-time salaries to cover wages worked by a part-time employee due to a full-time employee being on Family Medical Leave Act. No new funds were requested.

An appropriation of $8,074.02, will allow the County Veterans Officer to upgrade a current part-time employee to a full-time accredited position for the office. This will be a full-time (32 hours per week) employee. The office has seen an increase in the number of veterans benefits claims being filed.

The court also approved an emergency appropriation put on the agenda Tuesday. It reimburses the county judge's travel budget $1,282.79 for a trip the judge recently made to attend a White House conference in Washington, D.C.

The justices also heard from Sheriff Mike Moore concerning reimbursements the county receives from the state for housing state felony prisoners at the jail. Those monies are being received by the county general fund. Moore said the money should be going to refund the law enforcement sales tax fund where the costs to house those prisoners are being paid. Calling the situation an oversight, the sheriff asked the funds, totaling around $250,000, be directed from county general to the sales tax fund. JPs referred the matter to the Finance Committee to determine the bookkeeping procedure to transfer the funds in a way that would meet the approval of state legislative auditors.

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