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Jack Murphy, Mosaic senior vice president presented the Make A Difference Award to Ruby Kate Chitsey at Mt. Vista Rehabilitation Center on Thursday, June 13.

Harrison’s most famous 11-year-old is in the news again. Jack Murphy, the senior vice president of Mosaic traveled from Dallas, Texas to present the Making a Difference Award for 2019 on Thursday morning, June 13, at the Mt. Vista Rehabilitation Center where Ruby Kate Chitsey developed a heart for giving to others.

“Our company of 225 people monthly go out into our communities to make a difference. We quickly realized that there are other people around the United States who are also making a difference and we wanted to recognize them. Ruby Kate is our seventh recipient, but the first one I’ve been able to present,” Murphy said. “My family is so excited that I’m getting to meet the ‘famous’ Ruby Kate. My daughter said her teacher showed the whole school the video of Ruby Kate and ‘she is famous.’”

“Our company scours the whole United States looking for people to honor. This time we chose Ruby Kate. We appreciate Ruby Kate and her friends. They are a true inspiration to the whole community and beyond,” Murphy said.

The Three Wishes for Ruby’s Residents Foundation began so the community could help fulfill the wishes of nursing home residents. At first, Ruby Kate was using her own money. Then others began to donate and the foundation was started. Most wishes are insignificant to some, but so appreciated by the residents.

Murphy asked, “What keeps you going?”

“The smiles on their faces. They are so uplifting and happy,” Ruby Kate said.

He also asked what the favorite or most unusual wish has been so far. “One resident wanted a basement,” she said. Everyone laughed and Murphy said, “I bet that one would be hard for you to do.”

One of the residents said, “Ruby Kate is a blessing to all of us. We are so proud of her.”

Another resident said, “The first day I was here, Ruby Kate and her friends came by and gave me peanut butter crackers and Vienna sausages. That was so nice.”

Murphy added, “Thank you for teaching the community, and me, there is nothing better than remembering the Golden Rule. Wow. You’re 11 years old. I can’t wait to follow you and see what experiences continue from this.”

Mosaic is a brand activation agency for several major corporations that delivers consumer experiences in store, online and in the community. He presented her with a Google box of goodies and several promotional items in a Microsoft tote bag.

“Thank you for choosing Ruby Kate for this honor. She is great for Harrison and we are honored to have you here, too,” Harrison Regional Chamber of Commerce executive director Bob Largent said.

Jeff Pratt, Harrison city clerk, said, “Thank you for bringing this attention to our community and allowing the world to see that another generation is out there to open our hearts and eyes to helping others. Welcome to Harrison.” Jeff Pratt was filling in for Harrison Mayor Jerry Jackson who is attending meetings in Little Rock.

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