A second sighting of a black bear cub in the city limits this spring was reported Wednesday morning, Harrison Police records show.

Brenda Ake called the HPD to report seeing this cub around daylight Wednesday on Quail Cove, but it wasn't the first time she'd seen a bear in her yard.

Ake told the Daily Times that last year she looked outside to call in her dog and discovered the dog and a bear cub nose-to-nose in her back yard. When she called for the dog, the bear jumped the fence and was soon spotted running across Airport Road and into the wilderness.

The cub she spotted Wednesday was between her house and a neighbor’s and was a little different.

“This one growled,” Ake said.

She said she yelled for her dog again and the bear took off in the opposite direction. It didn’t do any damage. Still, wildlife wasn’t exactly what she had in mind when she came to Harrison from Fort Wayne, Indiana, 33 years ago.

“I didn’t move to Arkansas to see bears,” she said with a laugh.

This was the second reported sighting of a bear cub in town this spring. The first was off of Commercial Avenue near Dry Jordan Creek exactly three weeks earlier.

Wildlife officials explain that this is the time of year when sows run off male cubs as they reach maturity to make way for the next cubs.

The young bears must go find their own territory and it’s not uncommon for them to find their way into a populated area. They’re looking for food, so unattended garbage and pet food left outside are prime targets.

“If they’re getting a free meal, they’re going to come back looking for a free meal,” said Randy Zellers, public information officer with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, after the first sighting this year.

If you see a bear in town, Zellers said, you shouldn’t be afraid to yell and holler to let it know it’s not wanted in the area. People don’t want a bear in town and he probably doesn’t want to be around people.

“They’re very reclusive animals,” Zellers said.

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