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This photo, taken in early May, shows the sinkhole that swallowed a storage building in Will and Sherry Presley’s yard. The city removed the building right after the incident and is now working on a plan to repair the hole.

Harrison City Council standing committees meet at 6 p.m. Thursday and council members will hear about a proposed contract to repair a sinkhole that opened in a yard off of Chelsea Circle in May.

The hole in Will and Sherry Presley’s yard opened again on May 1. It was much like one that opened almost exactly two years earlier.

The city repaired the hole in 2017 as a public safety concern. Officials also said a sewer line in the area was threatened at the time.

Public Works director Wade Phillips said the city will once again work on the hole, but it will take a little work to secure the Presleys’ home in the process.

He explained that a geological study showed that the hole itself should be excavated deeper to get to the bedrock at the absolute bottom. Phillips had earlier said he spoke with people who were around when the part of the city was developed and they said some large trees were taken out, only to be used as fill material. As those trees rot, it can cause holes under the surface.

So, the city will have a foundation repair group install support piers under the Presleys’ house to protect the foundation prior to excavation of the sinkhole.

Phillips said he wasn’t sure how deep that excavation will go, but it could be 25 feet or more.

He is scheduled to present the contract Thursday night for aldermen to consider.

The agenda for Thursday night’s meeting indicates Phillips, Police Chief Chris Graddy and Fire Chief Marc Lowery will discuss a potential location for a facility to house police and fire.

The Resources and Policy Committee is scheduled to consider:

• A revision of the city’s clean premises ordinance.

• An amendment to the city’s dog ordinance.

• An amendment to the city’s plumbing code ordinance.

• An exhaust ordinance.

• A rental permit ordinance.

• A local purchasing preference ordinance.

Because it will be committees meeting and no formal votes will be taken, items not included on the agenda could be discussed.

The meeting starts at 6 p.m. in council chambers on the second floor of City Hall.

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