Donna Braymer/Staff

Caleb Green (from left) and Josh Monson from Sky Adventures make a presentation to the Boone County Regional Airport with board attorney Jim Sprott listening.

A new business wants to come to the Boone County Regional Airport. Sky Adventures was approved by the board to provide flight training, airplane rentals, aircraft purchase consulting and aircraft management.

Josh Monson is the owner and the flight instructor is Caleb Green (CFI/AGI).

The men were trained to fly when College of the Ozarks had a flight school on campus in Point Lookout, Missouri. A brochure states, “Sky Adventures seeks to honor God and serve pilots by providing consistent quality flight training, well maintained and affordable rental planes, leaseback and aircraft management services and purchase consulting.”

Sky Adventures operates from the downtown Springfield, Missouri airport on Division Street. They already have a Piper Cherokee located in Harrison the company will lease for flight instruction from this airport.

The board asked Green where he would be offering the ground school. “I was in the Army, so I was taught to be flexible,” he said. “I’ve taught ground school in a coffee shop, FBOs and closets. I would love to have a little space I can lease to accommodate storing books and instruments.”

The discussion continued about the space available at the airport, or possibly the FBO. Board member Dr. Lad Brooks added, “But we want to make sure it’s OK with them.”

Board member Blaise Koch said, “We welcome the competition. If everyone can get along, that would be awesome.”

Cost was discussed. Green says he charges $45 an hour and to rent the plane is $130 an hour. If he can get a small group to take ground school at the same time, he can do the 12-week course for $200 a person.

One of the pilots who is also a board member asked how many flying hours Green has accrued.

“I just cracked 800 hours of flying time,” Green told the board.

Board president Tom Benton accepted the motion to approve the new business subject to receiving the copies of all the necessary certification. The motion was unanimously approved.

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