The Harrison Planning Commission met Tuesday afternoon and approved a variance for the location of ground mounted solar panels for a property on South Main Street.

Harness Rentals & Investments sought the variance for its business located at 415 South Main Street. It already received Entergy's approval for the electrical system, but according to Harrison's zoning code, the panels cannot be placed on the front building line of the property. The request was advertised and there were no objections by the public raised at the public hearing held just prior to the start of Tuesday's meeting.

Commissioners studied drawings and wondered why the array of solar panels 115 feet long could not be moved to the east side of the property. The system's designer said trees would prevent optimum output of the system due to creating shade. It was also debated what constituted the front of the building and the property itself that sits east of and below South Main Street.

It was decided that due to circumstances unique to the property the request for the zoning variance could be granted.

The commissioners approved a request from Mary Beth Hatch of North Arkansas College to paint a mural on the former Lefler building at 101 N. Main Street.

In the final order of business, the commissioners agreed to recommend to the Harrison City Council to pass an ordinance vacating an unused portion of right of way in the Holt Paradise Addition. The request for abandonment was made by Michael and Linda Wood. The portion of the right of way sought to be vacated is between West Holt Avenue and West Smythe Avenue. Property owners in that area were contacted about the proposal and there were no objections recorded.

The planning commission will meet early in December due to City Hall's holiday schedule. Instead of meeting the fourth Thursday, Dec. 24, it will meet at 1 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 17.

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