Boone County Regional Airport manager Judy McCutcheon said, “To clarify all flights are operating as scheduled but if you have tickets already purchased and wish to reschedule for a later date or cancel due to COVID-19 call the local counter at (870) 280-2605 or (800) 329-0485.”

But Southern Airways Express has cancelled the Business After Hours scheduled for Tuesday, April 21 due to COVID-19 circumstances.

McCutcheon canceled the Tuesday, March 17, monthly board meeting to comply with requests by city officials.

“The Boone County Regional Airport terminal lobby will remain open and is not included in the list of county offices that will be closed in the disaster declaration issued by Boone County Judge Robert Hathaway. The airport has taken extra steps to ensure the terminal waiting area is sterilized to protect our customers. We have placed automated hand sanitizers throughout the lobby and increased frequency of cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting public areas,” she said.

“The safety of our employees, passengers, and tenants remain our top priority. We will continue to work with federal, state, and local agencies, as well as others in the airport industry to monitor the COVID-19 situation,” McCutcheon said.

Reports were shared that would have been presented at the meeting.

During the month of February, there were 1,706 gallons of Avgas sold and 11,290 of Jet-A. FedEx purchased 3,033 gallons and Southern purchased 7,169 gallons.

Passengers flying to DFW from Harrison during February were 296 and 77 to Memphis. The load factor was 63% with a completion rate of 98%.

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