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Those attending the kick off day for the Berryville Public Library Summer Reading program included (from left) library director Julie Hall, 6th grade students Tinker Perkins, Madalyn Arnold, Sadie Sharp, Anastasia Hattenhauer, Jace Hatfield, McKenna Chaney, Luke Dignan, Malachi Houghton and Jaxon Hatfield, and teachers Sarah Hanks, Karie Sayer and Ciera Woodruff.

BERRYVILLE — The Berryville 6th grade class selected the Berryville Public Library once again for its community project.

During the semester, the students in Social Studies researched the negative effects of the ‘summer slide,’ which happens when students don’t read over the summer and what that does to their learning level when returning to school in the fall.

They learned it is proven that students who chose not to read over the summer don’t excel as well in the fall as a returning student who did read.

Given the fact the Berryville Library has a successful Summer Reading Program, the students wanted to support it by not only raising funds to help defray the costs, but also to help spread the word about the Summer Reading program throughout the community.

In their math classes, the students drew blue prints of their dream library and in science, they made models of a storm shelter which could be incorporated into a new library. Finally, in literacy class, the students read a book entitled, “The Long Walk To Water” in which they learned gratitude and helping others by giving back to the community.

As a way of giving back to the community, the 6th graders sold various snack items to other students and teachers and were able to gross almost $3,000 in proceeds, with a net collection of over $2,000. They also made posters promoting the Summer Reading Program which were placed throughout the community at local businesses.

On the kick off day of the Summer Reading program, several students and teachers of the class presented the library with a check for $2,112.14 to help defray costs of the program, which is showing record participation this year.

According to library director Julie Hall, “We appreciate the fact the 6th graders chose us again for their community project and we are excited that this class has made the largest donation to their library. We want to thank the students for their hard work and also thank the leadership of the 6th grade teachers in making this project so successful.”

Teachers and school employees who led the project were Karie Sayer, Sarah Hanks, Ciera Woodruff, Leonda Davis, Jesse Parker, Russell Borland, David Randall and Savannah Cole.

“We appreciate their leadership”, Hall added.

EDITOR’S NOTE: For more information about the Summer Reading program, call the Berryville Public Library at (870) 423-2323.

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