The Boone County Election Commission is set to meet next Thursday to approve mayor recall elections for both Alpena and Diamond City.

Both mayors have been somewhat unpopular among some of their constituents.

Diamond City Mayor Linda Miracle has sued some City Council members and elected officials regarding a meeting held in spring 2019 claiming it was an illegal meeting and any action taken should be voided.

A motion made by defendants in the suit to dismiss the action was denied earlier this year and the suit is still pending.

Residents have publicly called for her resignation during city council meetings.

Alpena Mayor Theron McCammond recently announced he and the owner of the property where the Top Rock restaurant sits had filed affidavits with the Town Council to have their property detached from the town’s limits.

If the council approves both de-annexations, McCammond said he would resign. If the council doesn’t agree to detach the Top Rock property as well, he said he would not resign.

The agenda for the Monday, Aug. 3, meeting of the town council lists consideration of McCammond’s request, but not the Top Rock.

Boone County election officials say citizens in both towns circulated recall petitions. In order to be certified, at least 25% of qualified electors in each town had to have signed recall petitions.

In Alpena the number was 48, while it was 135 in Diamond City.

Officials say petitions for both moves were certified with sufficient signatures.

County Clerk Crystal Graddy said there is time for both elections to be held as special elections within the November general election. It wasn’t immediately clear if the cities would have to pay for those special elections if that’s the case. If they are held as special elections, the cities would have to pay.

So, the election commission will meet at 1:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 6, at the Boone County Election Center to discuss both elections.

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