JASPER — Newton County Sheriff Glenn Wheeler said his office received a report of a 14-year-old girl being bitten by a dog Thursday and she was undergoing surgery Thursday evening.

Wheeler said his office had been notified of the incident. The parents of the girl said they were taking her to North Arkansas Regional Medical Center for treatment and would go to the sheriff’s office afterward to file a report.

The sheriff said the girl suffered numerous puncture wounds, although he didn't know if more than one dog was involved.

He also said there was a witness who could able to give information to investigators, who were going to the scene Thursday evening.

According to Wheeler, the girl was attacked in the same general area where a man was attacked by several dogs earlier this year.

In that earlier attack, Wheeler said, various witnesses reported a varied number of dogs involved, from three to nine or more.

Most of those dogs had been put down after the attack, Wheeler said, although authorities were never able to identify which ones were involved. In fact, some other dogs were even killed at the same time.

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In my opinion the best thing that could have ever happened to the Boone County hospital is for St. John's Hospital which is now Mercy to have been able to buy it in which they were very interested in doing so back years ago. Having Mercy own it and run it would have been GREAT for the Community and not to mention the patients as I personally have heard more bad than good of the hospital by very trustworthy people from their own experiences.

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