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The Ozark Mountain Solid Waste District Board of Directors met in Mountain Home last week at the Baxter County Courthouse.

MOUNTAIN HOME — The Ozark Mountain Solid Waste District wants some property back from Carroll County that the district board says it owns, but there may be some question as to actual ownership.

Board chairman Fred Woehl asked interim district director Bill Lord to first address some semi trailers in Baxter County.

District officials believed there were district-owned trailers on the DAMCO site in Baxter County. The DAMCO site was a waste tire depository where the property owner, the late Kenton Treat, had accepted waste tires from the district to use in building a dam on the property.

Lord had said the trailers left on the property belonged to the district and that he had found the titles to them. The financially-challenged district had planned to sell the trailers in the near future.

However, Lord told board members meeting in Mountain Home last week that the trailers on the DAMCO site didn’t match the titles he had found. He said it was determined that they actually belonged to the previous waste tire processor and the trailers for which he had titles were actually taken to counties in the district for their use in the tire recycling program.

“So, we have no trailers that we can sell,” Woehl said.

The board then discussed the property in Carroll County.

Carroll County was a part of the solid waste district until 2019 when it left to form its own solid waste district.

Woehl told board members last week that some equipment Carroll County has was bought with district funds. He said it appraised at about $52,000. He went on to say that he checked with Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality officials and was told it’s up to the board to decide a resolution.

Harrison Mayor Jerry Jackson asked Woehl if he had talked to Berryville Mayor Tim McKinney about the equipment. Woehl said he hadn’t, but Jackson said he had talked with McKinney and he maintained that all the equipment rightfully belongs to Carroll County.

Sandra Holt, acting as proxy for Marion County Judge John Massey, said Marion County had always understood that equipment bought by the district was for use in Marion County as long as it was part of the solid waste district.

Baxter County Judge Mickey Pendergrass said most such property has been purchased with grant funds from ADEQ, not district funds.

Lord said his conversations with ADEQ officials indicate the board has a wide range of possibilities regarding the equipment. The district could keep it, sell it to Carroll County or transfer it to other counties in the district.

“As [Lord] said,” Woehl told board members, “since Carroll County is no longer in our district, they really have no authority to keep this equipment unless the board gives it to them. It really bothers me that they have all this stuff that’s ours and it’s quite a bit.”

Woehl did acknowledge that the district owes Carroll County some money that came from ADEQ in waste tire recycling reimbursements.

Pendergrass suggested that Woehl try to work out some sort of deal with Carroll County regarding an exchange of the equipment for the tire reimbursement funds owed to them, then bring that back to the board at the next meeting to discuss. He then made that in the form of a motion board members unanimously approved.

Jackson also said he would like to meet with Carroll County officials in order to be respectful.

But McKinney told the Daily Times on Thursday that Carroll County has all the documentation to show ownership of the equipment. He said there was a baler that had been stored in a pasture in Boone County and had fallen into disrepair. The board voted at that time to transfer it to Carroll County and they spent thousands of dollars to get it working again.

McKinney said he saw no reason for any additional meetings and that the solid waste district should contact Carroll County’s attorney for any discussion about the equipment.

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