Dear Editor,

Many years ago when “the new world” was being colonized, Christians were finding new hope from religious persecution and tyranny back in the old country. Despite the dangers of untamed wilderness and uncertainty of their fate, they deemed it worthwhile to go to a place that could freely worship Jesus and seek the fulfillment of His promises. Even without the ability to read the Bible themselves, they realized that something was not right and feared for their immortal souls. As early as 1647, civil leaders realized that literacy was instrumental in spreading the “Good News” of the now translated and rapidly being distributed Bible throughout the land. Thus the education system was born in the new world.

Even though England was across the vast ocean, pressure to obey British rule was starting to subdue their advancement in religious and civil freedoms. The colonists decided that their new found freedoms were worth not only fighting for, but dying for to be able to worship their God and enjoy civil liberties the likes of which they had never seen before. The attributed their success of winning their freedom from the most powerful military in the world to God. With this in mind, the framers of our new constitution went to great lengths to assure that our new nation would stand for freedom against religious persecution by a government established national religion. How the First Amendment came to be interpreted as “separation of church and state,” I’ll never know.

Unfortunately, like all great nations in history, America has chosen to turn its back on our creator and is now worshipping money and power. Countless warnings from the Bible are being ignored. Our education system has turned from the Bible to a very disturbing version of secularism pointing out human flaws in history and blaming the evil, white man or anybody else but Satan. 

Man now considers himself as having dominion over the Lord’s creation. We’ve gone from “free love” to “free sex,” ignoring the foundational root of sex and just using it for recreation. Whoops, babies keep popping up. The answer seems to be aborting the unintended fetus or maybe just having sex with your own gender. No unwanted results there! The Ten Commandments were given to us by God to thwart getting ourselves into such a mess but wait, the government has banned them from public display. My, how quickly we have turned our backs on the Constitution that oozes with praise to God for his blessings given to our country.

Spewing anger, hate and violence seems to be the only way to prove yourself to be a “good person.” “I believe in equality, love and peace and will destroy anyone who doesn’t agree” with me” — didn’t see that in Scripture either.

Maybe it’s past time to return and repent before the whole nation sees a promise from God that will make the California wildfires look like a cool breeze for eternity!

Alvin Hanson,

Lead Hill

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