Dear Editor,

The latest TV news tells us there is another immigrant march northward through Mexico, seeking asylum in the United States. Apparently there are some Asians and Middle East Muslims in the mix, but the majority are from Central America. Explanations vary as to the cause of this: Are they fleeing some oppression in their own country? Cubans or Venezuelans don’t seem to be involved here. Strange.

In the early 1970s, the government started the Caribbean Basin Initiative or CBI. It was a special foreign aid program designed to improve the economies of our southern neighbors. There hasn’t been any history of a revolution or coups in these countries and other than Ortega and his contras, Central America presidential elections have seldom made the evening news. They don’t have a current strongman/oppressor/dictator that we know about.

OK, maybe it’s their economy: no jobs, bad money, lately people are going hungry, getting desperate. Well, the TV has not shown us lines of hollow-eyed, emaciated unshod derelicts stumbling northward in silent misery. What we see are military age young adults, well-nourished young mothers with children and infants. Many are carrying their national flag and placards demanding asylum. No zombie apocalypse here.

Besides those observations, a little common sense should prevail. A 1,000 mile, all-weather hike along a dusty highway isn’t a stroll in the park, even for a young and healthy person. There aren’t many rest stops or restaurants or hotels along the route. Even if there were, the marchers don’t have any money, right? No one is carrying any luggage — where is the rest of their stuff?

Even with good walking shoes and wheeled strollers and lots of bottled water, the marchers’ best daily mileage might be 20. That’s 50 days to the US border. The survivors who made it that far without rest and protein would probably be in ambulances.

So that leaves us with some questions. Who is supporting all of this? Is it our foreign aid — CBI? Not likely. Probably it is people who believe that America will be better off with more immigrants — the illegal kind. Although they will consume billions of government welfare dollars, displace American workers and fill our jails and holding facilities, that is acceptable to the looney left. They support all the oppressed and less fortunate — in groups of one million or more. Those who live in their neighborhood, not so much.

But they have their walls for those people.

John R. Sanford


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