Dear Editor

I’ve got a plaque on my wall with the inscription “What we are is our gift from God … What we become is our gift to God”. While pondering this inscription, Mrs. Barrett (Amy Coney Barrett as per the media) came to mind. It appears as though Mrs. Barrett epitomizes this inscription. God has granted her a unique intellect, spiritual insight and moral compass that guides her life. What she seems to be dedicating her life to is the utilization of these gifts to shine a light of hope in an increasingly dark world. Matthew 5:14-16 is a clear answer to her commitment.

Unfortunately, the darkness is repeatedly trying to put her “under a basket” to hide the light and dampen their sinister plan to eliminate God from our civilization, promote sexual promiscuity and immoral behavior, educate our children to hate, intolerance and arrogance and justify the killing of unborn babies.

Our representatives (Senate) will determine if the light of God’s work will be allowed to shine once again on our society through the highest court in the land or will darkness be allowed to continued its invasion through lies, suppression and intimidation.

Alvin Hanson,

Lead Hill