Dear Editor,

I’m sure there are still people out there who remember the Ten Commandments (the commandments from God brought down by Moses from Mount Sinai). Yes, the very ones that our elected officials are banning from public display across the nation. The foundation that our nation was built on after being denied religious freedom from their homelands.

Evil’s hand quickly twisted the intentions of the founders to keep government from mandating national religious beliefs and practices in our new country to implying that government must keep religion out of the public circle and declare it unfit for moral and ethical guidance. In doing so it violated the every clear intent of religious freedom that it stated in the Constitution!

The eighth commandment “Thou Shalt not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor” warns of the very deceit that was used to take it from the public square. If that ain’t irony, I don’t know what is.

Moving on, citizens are now calling law enforcement (the police) every vile name in the book. These people have the thankless job of protecting the citizenry of this country from the very evil that perpetuates from lawlessness in a secular society. I can’t imagine these people’s frustration knowing that on a daily basis, they take violent and non-violent criminals off the street only to have crooked lawyers and politicians release them back into the public before the officer’s shift is even over! If you think your job at the office is tough, just try to imagine the boss tearing up your work at the end of the day every day. 

Recently, Ms. Bevelyn Beatty was filmed destroying the very expensive BLM painting in New York. She’s living the daily nightmare of crime in the inner city, never knowing if she and her family will survive another day, even with police protection, let alone the police-less country BLM is demanding. She and her family don’t understand why her own race is putting her and her family in imminent danger without the protection of law enforcement. Not only support, but prayers need to go out to the protectors of the innocent.

The Democratic candidate for the 2020 election is showing increasing signs of incoherence daily while the Democratic Party presses on looking for a woman of color to be his running mate for the party. That these people who cry foul if anybody tries to include race as a criteria for anything have the gall to openly include race in their decision is out right disgusting!

Politicians are openly calling religion, patriotism, sanctity of life and family values evil! Money and power have become the new hallmark for the Democratic Party at any cost. I remember when the two political parties found bipartisan solutions that worked for everyone. Sadly those days are over and all they can do is spew hateful assertions at President Donald Trump for saving religious freedom, trying to save the lives of innocent babies and creating safe and secure lives for all Americans. He’s got his flaws, but let he who is without sin cast the first stone!

Alvin P. Hanson

Lead Hill

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