Briana Hernandez Berryville Library

Briana Hernandez is the newest employee at the Berryville Library, thanks to her Capstone Project.

When Berryville Senior Briana Hernandez and a classmate selected the library as their senior Capstone project way back in 2016, little did she know that the knowledge and experience she would gain during this school project would give her the edge for employment years later.

Briana Hernandez is the newest employee of the Berryville Public Library. When she was a senior at Berryville High School, she chose to focus her Capstone project on increasing community awareness of all the resources available at the Berryville Library. As she began learning more about the many programs and services available for free through the library, she quickly realized that a library is more than just about books. Rather, it is about helping people in the community with various aspects of their lives, from figuring out what to read next to assisting with online job applications to finding and printing needed forms. And the list could go on and on.

“The more I learned about the library, the more excited I was to tell others of how valuable a resource the library is to our community” stated Hernandez. “There is no limit to what a library can do for you. When my mom saw on Facebook the library had a position open, she let me know, and since I had volunteered at the library, I already knew the staff and a lot about the library . . . and the rest is history,” Hernandez added.

Hernandez does speak some Spanish and will be helping provide all aspects of library services. According to Library Director Julie Hall, ‘We are thrilled to have Briana join our team. The responsibility, commitment, and love for the library she demonstrated as a volunteer made it easy to know that she was a perfect fit for the position we had open. We look forward to the ideas and energy she will bring to our library and its many programs as a staff member.”

The library is open for curbside service six days a week at 104 Spring St. Berryville, Arkansas. For the latest on library hours, services, and programs, please visit or call (870) 423-2323. The Berryville Library also offers active Facebook and Instagram pages.

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