Boone County turns 150 years old this year, and the BCHM is ready to celebrate! The Halloween Monday Bash will begin at 6 p.m. on Oct. 28. at the Quality Inn Convention Center. The event will be catered by Western Sizzlin and served at 6:30 p.m.

The Monday Halloween Bash will have some very interesting guests. Author Abby Burnett will be a guest speaker. Burnett hails from Kingston and has studied the concept of death and the various ways the rural communities once handled the passing of their peers. Her book, “Gone to the Grave: Burial Customs of the Arkansas Ozarks, 1850-1950” digs deep into funeral traditions and rituals practiced by our ancestors in the Ozarks. Before the widespread availability of access to funeral homes and modern burial techniques, families often took matters into their own hands.

Burnett also has a love for tombstones, and has spent a lot of time touring the cemeteries located in Arkansas, Missouri and the surrounding states. Her quest for the stones with eccentric or non-traditional text has been fruitful. The talk she is planning on giving has a theme of “The last thing he said was…” Burnett states, “Tombstones sometimes give us extra information about the deceased, such as the person’s dying words. “Meet me in Heaven” is the most commonly found phrase, but occasionally people die giving comfort and advice to loved ones, speaking in rhyme – or even telling jokes. This talk features stories about the strangest, funniest and most lively last words found in Arkansas and Tennessee cemeteries.”

The Bash will also have a very special guest to entertain and educate those in attendance. Moses Townsend “Town” Hopper will be resurrected and portrayed by Harrison’s own Jim Gresham. Mr. Hopper, or “Town” as he was called, is responsible for the legislation that took a portion of Marion County and added a piece of land from Carroll County to form Boone County 150 years ago.

The evening will also honor another Boone County resident by inducting them into the Boone County History Hall of Fame. The identity of this very special and deserving individual will be revealed at the Bash.

Tickets for the party can be obtained through the Boone County Heritage Museum for $25.00. The proceeds from the Bash will help keep the Boone County Heritage Museum with essential maintenance and updates. This year, donations have made it possible to complete some much needed roof repairs, remodeling and completion of a new meeting room. The BCHM has plans in the works to begin digitally archiving important records in order to preserve them for future generations to enjoy.

The museum would also like to invite everyone to Trivia Night at Buckets Bar and Grill every Thursday night at 6:30 p.m. For only $5.00, you can come and show off your knowledge on a wide variety of subjects!

The BCHM also will host “Mondays at the Museum” on the last Monday of every month (excluding Holidays) at 6:30 p.m.

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