All "A's" 1st Grade

Laney Brakefield

Adam Combs

Jason Sawyer

John Lucas Wagner

2nd Grade

Colton Campbell

Kaydence Richardson

Payton Satterlee

Isaac Smith

3rd Grade

Bennett Popejoy

4th Grade

Carly Austin

Grayden Collins

Madalynn Rayner

Riley Sands

Amelia Schaum

5th Grade

Isaak Farmer

Jacob Francis

Samantha King

Tucker Middleton

6th Grade

Elizabeth Archer

Dylan Franco

Sofiah Macedo-Cruz

A's and B's 1st Grade

Evelyn Archer

Chance Collines

Brentley Turner

Lexi Whiteley

Scarlet Barber

Catlyn Boyungs

Candon Evans

Kynlee Godbehere

Keith Greenhaw

Taylor Langston

Madelyn Peerce

Levi Rogers

Isaiah Worley

Evelynn Sands

2nd Grade

Emma Gomez

Jacob Inman

Eminence Jenkins

Brian McCoy

Hayden Underwood

Parker Wyly

3rd Grade

Ivy Collins

Caleb Cox

Rilee Davidson

Alexis Dean

Braxton Godbehere

Matthew Grinder

Dustin Hurst

Emma Luneau

Gabriel sale

Destiny Turner

Joseph Woolwine

4th Grade

Cassidy Bishop

Laney Daniel

Kyley Nalley

Gabriella Nelson

Corban Solis

Collin Boyungs

5th Grade

Dallon Hanna

Jenna Pokrinchak

6th Grade

Kasey Beard

Austin Cordova

Tyler Franco

Marlie Lane

Owen Luneau

Alexis Moore

Gracie Popejoy

Kendra Wagner

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