Once again the community overwhelmingly embraced the Berryville Library’s efforts to raise money for a new building. Over 270 viewers participating from near and far watched over 4,600 movies between Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s Day as part of the Miracle on Spring Street Christmas Movie Challenge.

Secret Santas Paul and Carol Ann Engskov agreed to contribute $5 per movie watched, up to 1,000 movies. When the community reached the 1,000-movie mark within a couple weeks of the challenge’s start, a second Secret Santa, Kristy Noble, stepped up and agreed to donate $5 per movie watched for the next 1,000 movies. Through their generous contributions, $10,000 was raised for the Friends of the Berryville Library, who are helping to lead the efforts to raise money for a new library.

The Berryville Library embarked on a five-year capital campaign in 2020 to raise the needed $2.5 million to build a new library in 2025. According to Mary Knight, President of the Friends of the Library, "2020 was a hard year for fundraising due to the constraints of Covid, but we are so fortunate to have had these Secret Santas step up for this challenge. The community reading challenge over the summer and now this Christmas movie viewing challenge helped us reach our fundraising goals for the year."

Anyone interested in supporting the library with future challenges, or becoming a Friend of the Library, contact the Berryville Public Library at (870) 423-2323 or stop by 104 Spring Street.

For a complete list of upcoming programs and events, check out their website at www.berryvillelibrary.org. The library also has active Facebook and Instagram pages.

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