Greetings from Capps. We got the week started off with a fire call for smoldering poultry feed truck on Hwy 412 and 65. Thursday the rains began, just glad for the reprieve on Saturday, what a gorgeous fall day. I surely don’t miss the cold and blowing snow of Colo. As of this writing, we've had a few more inches of rain. Monday night my wife, Jennifer, and I went to the annual Halloween fundraiser for the Boone County History Museum, which was held at the Quality Inn convention center. It was well attended and I was glad Captain J.T.Hopper (Jim Gresham) was resurrected long enough to give us an interesting recounting of Harrison’s early days. John Forrest was honored and inducted into the History Hall of Fame for his significant donations of time and treasure. Author and historian Abby Burnett shared famous last words from area headstones and the sometimes unusual stories about them. Tuesday we went up to the Keeter Center for 4-star Country Boy, which was wonderful. Capps-Batavia area churches will come together for the annual Community Thanksgiving service on Tuesday, Nov. 26 at 6:30 p.m. at Trinity Baptist Church in Capps. Pastor Ricky Stone will speak, communion will be served and finger food fellowship following. I'll try to remember to get a reminder in the Saturday before and you can watch the church News announcements in Friday's paper also. Remember to set clocks BACK one hour before bed tonight (Saturday), and heading into this Holiday Season, don't forget to count your blessings and be thankful. God bless, Doug

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