Greetings from Capps. Welcome to the ongoing saga of the bear at our place. I was at work last Thursday morning when my wife, Jennifer, called to say that the bear was back and was in the goat barn. I ran home quickly enough to stop his efforts to get into the goat pen. He was determined and probably because he was hungry and sickly, very skinny and fur falling out, likely mange. I called wildlife, who gave me a deserved scolding and took the carcass away. We'll fortify our feed bins, etc as much as possible, he was eating seed that had fallen on the ground. We plan to accelerate our plans for guardian dogs, which were part of our plans anyway since we live so close to the woods. Our new goats are doing well, Emerald and Diamond, hopefully be good milkers in the future. My friend Sue Shaddock was telling me her granddaughter shows goats in the county fair, good for her. I got a call from Sharon Petit, whose son also has goats in the Capps area, she was surprised to learn of bears in the area, it definitely isn't the norm, but then again, what is nowadays? I think "normal" days as we know them may be over. Today, Monday, as I write this column, is my 57th birthday. Our pastors, Ricky and Morna Stone are hosting a party at their home this evening. They're the best! There were some awesome testimonials last night at Capps Full Gospel Church. The congregation continues to grieve the loss of sister Teresa Reed together, but as we share our memories of her courageous life, we find comfort and healing. Sister Najean Greer composed a special poem about her that was read during the service as well, she has a special gift for poetry. Several people from the Capps area, including Pastor David Grant, went to the Mansion at Branson last Saturday for the memorial service for Pastor Gary McSpadden of Faith and Wisdom Church, who was part of several singing groups, including the Gaithers and the Imperials. His brother in law, Dino, played the piano at the end of the service. Its wonderful to have the faith community, our brothers and sisters in Christ, to help each other through difficult times, especially when our natural family may not be close by. In other news, the Capps Batavia Fire Department responded to a couple calls last week, a traffic control assist and a car fire off of Hwy 43 south. Monthly training took place Monday night as well. Keep those calls and emails coming, I appreciate the feedback, and as always, if you have newsy bits or historical snippets that may be of interest, send them my way. Blessings, Doug

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