Per a directive by Governor Hutchinson in conjunction with ADE Commissioner Johnny Key and the Arkansas Dept of Health, Lead Hill School District was closed on March 16 through March 20 and Spring Break will be March 23-27. The Governor will re-evaluate the situation by the end of Spring Break to determine if additional days out are needed. Stay tuned.

The Arkansas Dept of Education and the Arkansas Activities Association have directed that all extracurricular activities be postponed until March 30 at which time the situation will be re-evaluated. Coaches and sponsors will be in contact with students as the need arises.

A shout out to each and every single person at our wonderful little school for preparing lunches to go. Y’all always go above and beyond for the kiddos and for that we are all grateful!

Lead Hill Dollar General's is working hard to keep shelves stocked. Employees are working double time.please bare with them during this time. Please keep in mind at this time a suggested limit of items is posted throughout the store to ensure that our community gets what they need. Management appreciates your understanding.

The Diamond City Community Center will be closed until April 1 when there will be an update. This includes the Library.

Thirty nine Family and friends of Sandy Martin celebrated her birthday with a surprise party at the Diamond City Fire Department.

Happy Birthday to Rita Hunter March 7, Ruth Hindbaugh March 13 and Pat Foster March 18.

Happy Wedding Anniversary to James and Sandy McKinney March 27

Young plants are coming along in the school’s green house - watch for announcements of plant sale coming soon!!

Lead Hill staff is offering business advertising space in the upcoming Year Book. If you are interested, contact Paige Clary, Yearbook Adviser at 870-436-5677 or deadline is April 1.

Lead Hill Fire Department’s Spring Flea Market takes place April 25 this year. To reserve tables call Sammie O’brien at 870-715-5676.

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