I have word that the Grubb Springs EHC Club will be having their Gingerbread House Friday, Nov. 8, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. They will have handmade crafts and homemade baked goods.

On Saturday, several of the grandsons were at Johnny Rex and Sue Wilson's home to watch the Razorbacks. They brought several of their friends with them. Natalie Cash and Delta Wyatt also came by to watch the game.

On Friday, we made a birthday dinner for my grandson Chris Crow. We had birthday cake, meatloaf, and other homemade sides. His father John Crow and his aunts Ronda and Lynda joined us.

On Sunday after church, Johnnie and Ronda Austin came over for lunch and brought Mexican Goulach and Tex-Mex Cornbread. Lynda made a cherry cobbler dessert.

David and Pam Grimes from Russellville came to see her mom Carolyn Green last Friday. David mowed the yard and it looks beautiful now. They also took her shopping.

Steve Eames' cousin Gary Hoover died in Greenbriar after a long illness. Gary formerly worked at Kroger when it was in the mall. He was a butcher there.

Paul and Annie Lee, and Ruby Waters went to Berryville and met brother Johnny Cowells and his wife. They celebrated birthdays coming up. Steve had a nice visit with Bill Cole. Maxine and Randy Rogers came over to see him as well.

We had three days of rain last week, and then a little sunshine. This Monday morning, Ronda took me to the doctor. I also have two days of physical therapy this week.

Jean Crow spent a week with her granddaughter Amanda and her husband Auddy Robbins and their family at Osage. She had a wonderful time with her three great grandchildren and family.

Johnnie and Ronda Austin attended the area wide singing at Northside Church of Christ on Sunday evening.

My friend Charlotte Gregory called me Sunday and we had a nice visit. She was my neighbor when her kids and my kids were going to school together. Her husband was Al Gregory. One of her sons comes to see her often. His name is Ray Gregory and he lives in Tenn. Her other son Ron Gregory and his family live in Dallas, Texas.

Bryan, Tina and Breyden McCain were up for the weekend to see her mother Nancy Sharp.

Faith Wilson decorated a pumpkin for a contest they are having at NAC. They put them on Facebook and you can vote on your favorite.

Robin Love was in from Alberquerque, NM to visit relatives last week. She stayed with her brother Justin, Shawna, Faith and Colton Wilson. Donnie, Eva, and Ashley Wilson visited on Wednesday with them. They all enjoyed carving pumpkins.

Johnny Rex and Sue Wilson have been busy attending ballgames this past week. Granddaughter Haley Wilson was in a volleyball tournament Monday and Tuesday nights. Grandson Eli Wilson played basketball on Thursday night. They played at Bergman on Friday night. They attended the Harrison football game. Grandsons Ben and Lane Johnson play on the Goblin team.

“Love all, trust a few and do wrong to none.”

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