Becky Newberry of Asheville, North Carolina spent last week with her parents, Bill and Freida Cole. Her brother, Michael Cole from Fort Smith came to visit her and their parents for a few days.

Johnnie and Ronda Austin and grandkids came yesterday and mulched my leaves in the front yard and cleaned my gutter out on the front porch. Ronda also checked the gauges on my propane tank.

We celebrated Lynda Treat's birthday yesterday. Those present were Phil Treat, Mandie Treat and her boyfriend, Clayton and myself. Later yesterday, they went to Branson and saw a movie at the Imax.

My sympathy to Marvin and Deedee Roberts in the death of Marvin's father, Elmo Roberts due to the COVID-19.

Steve Eames talked to his cousin Ricky Morris because his brother Scotty Bolin had passed away. He just found out that another brother, Chris Morris had passed away recently.

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary to Melvin and Rain Wilson on Nov. the 13.

Matt and Jen Crow and their sons, Lucas and Ethan came over for a visit last week.

John and Theshia Crow came over to visit last Tuesday.

Alex and Roselea Crow came over last Wednesday to celebrate my birthday and helped Ronda Austin install a new deadbolt.

Hailey Wilson was in on Sunday from College of the Ozarks visiting family, including grandparents Johnny Rex and Sue Wilson. On Saturday, Shellie, Luke, Ben, Lane and Adam Johnson, Eli and Courtland Wison, Tom Weatherly and Kayden Powers were at Johnny Rex and Sue's home to watch the Razorbacks.

Happy Birthday to my cousin, Nancy Sharp, on Nov. the 24. She came by this Monday to bring her news and to visit for awhile. Three people have a birthday tomorrow: Lynda Treat, Maxine Rogers and Jason Petree.

Anymore, when life knocks me down I just lie there and take a nap.

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