Johnny Rex and Sue Wilson took their travel trailer and spent a few nights in Creole, Colo. They also spent a couple of nights at Angel Fire, N.M.

Gary and Susan Nichols hosted a birthday supper on Saturday night for their daughter, Misty Curry and daughter-in-law Tiffany Nichols. Others attending were Lance Nichols, Bryan and Laura Roberts and their children, Nancy Sharp and Ribbon Woolston.

My son Alex Crow and his wife Roselea came over for a visit Saturday evening. His birthday was Sept. 29 and we made cupcakes to celebrate. He remembered that behind our house used to be paw paw trees. He found there were at least 15 trees down the hill side. We had not been down there in many years. He brought back a large sack of paw paws in a bag. We ate some and they were really good.

Lee Baughman held his 5th generation grandchild for the first time last weekend. He also attended a wedding of his great granddaughter. For their honeymoon, they are going to Wyoming to hunt deer.

Steve Eames talked to Maxine and Randy Rogers and learned his nephew Mike Whitmore is still not doing well. Nelda Fiveash came for a visit and Paul Lee, Annie Lee and Ruby Waters went to hear music at Bergman. Steve also said there are two dogs missing: a black lab from the Ken Henley home and a year old German Shepherd according to a sign he saw. Luther Fiveash and his wife Zona is still pretty sick.

I have some good news. Last Tuesday and Thursday, I went to physical therapy and they had me walking short distances both days. My legs are getting stronger and I was able to walk by myself and with a walking cane. I have been attending rehab for several weeks now. I had to wear house shoes to church because my feet were so swelled. This Monday, Sept. 30, I had my fifth chemotherapy treatment. My last one will be in late Oct.

Jean Crow, with her sister Shirley Green, drove up to see their sister Donna Ramsey on Wednesday. Donna has not been feeling too good. I think they live close to Pea Ridge.

Daughter Lynda Treat and I drove down to see my sister Carolyn Green.

Phil Treat and Mandie Treat came over for a visit Sunday evening.

Grandson Chris Crow took me to my chemo treatment today and then invited me over to his home for lunch and a movie. When I came back home, my daughters Ronda Austin and Lynda Treat visited with me.

“The reason people give up so fast is because they tend to look at how far they still have togo, instead of how far they have already come.”

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