Our sympathy to Sammie Ramsey, Eric Ramsey and his family, and Karen Helms and her family due to the death of Mike Ramsey last week.

We attended Homecoming at Ridgeway Church of Christ this past Sunday. Bill Arnold preached two great sermons with a pot luck in between. He has preached over 30 years at Ridgeway.

Mike and Anita Farris of Florence, Ala., along with Anita's sister Lila Nettell, had traveled earlier that day to Rogersville, Mo. to see their sister Jeannee Wilkerson. They came back by here to see me.

My son John Crow came out on Saturday to visit and check on me.

Rhonda and Joe Pemberton brought down two wrapped cornstalk bundles from her garden to decorate my swing posts. She keeps a beautiful yard and garden.

This Monday, my daughters Ronda and Lynda mowed my lawn for me. I hope this is the last time it has to be mowed.

My sister Carolyn Green went with her daughter Pam Grimes to spend a week in Russellville, where Pam and her husband David live. Pam is bringing her back on Friday.

We are looking for cooler weather by this weekend. It may only be in the 40s. Fall has definitely arrived. My gas heater has been coming on today and it feels really good.

Rhonda Pemberton and my daughter Lynda Treat attended a concert at the Performing Arts Center last week. They really enjoyed it.

Johnnie Austin will be in Florida until Thursday of this week for a work assignment.

I have two family birthdays in Oct. Son Chuck Crow and grandson Chris Crow on Oct. 25.

On Tuesday I had lunch with Chris Crow at his house after my most recent Chemo. On Friday, he took me to have a “bone density”shot.

Randy and Maxine Rogers visited with her brother Steve Eames one day last week. Other visitors were John and Theshia Crow. Steve called his cousin Gary Hoover at Greenbriar. Luther Fiveash and his wife Zona is still not doing well. His cousin Frances Young called from Kansas City and said to tell everyone “Hello” for her.

Nancy Sharp, along with her brothers, Johnny Rex and Donnie Wilson, went up to Garfield on Wednesday. They wanted to check on some of their ancestors' graves. The Schnitzers had been buried at their Hilltop farm, near Mundell, which is close to Eureka Springs. Once the Beaver Dam was built, they had to move their graves to Ruddick Cemetery and Union Chapel Cemetery. We were told their home place is on an island in Beaver Lake now.

On Friday, Tiffany Nichols and Nancy Sharp went to Clarksville and watched the Goblins play. They spent the night with Tina McCain and family.

“Grace is a gift that you must give to receive.”

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