Pam and David Grimes from Russellville came in to see her mom Carolyn Green over the weekend. They did yard work and put some pansies in her large pot on the porch. They also took her shopping, out to eat and drove up to Maplewood Cemetery to take some pictures.

Chris Crow came over last Tuesday and Thursday and fixed me brunch.

Ronda Austin came over last Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Friday evening, Ronda and Lynda took me to the hospital for a PET scan. So far, I don't have the results.

Rhonda Pemberton came down and brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers from her yard.

Lynda and Phil Treat went to Ponca to see if they could spot any elk, but they got there too late in the morning. Mandie Treat and her boyfriend Clayton came over for Sunday dinner with me and her parents.

In this kind of weather, watching the leaves color and fall makes me want some turnip greens, cornbread, chili, and maybe some persimmons as well.

Lee Baughman went to church this past Sunday and is doing pretty good.

Johnny Rex and Sue Wilson had a yard sale over the weekend and my son, Alex and Roselea Crow went, as well as Johnnie and Ronda Austin. There were quite a few yard sales over the weekend.

Donnie and Eva Wilson attended the visitation for Donna Phillips at the Western Grove Cemetery on Friday. Eva and Donna worked together at the library several years ago.

On Friday, Courtland Wilson had surgery on his appendix at the hospital in Branson. He came home on Saturday.

Tina and Breyden McCain were up for the weekend to visit her Mom, Nancy Sharp. Tiffany Nichols went there on Saturday.

October birthdays are Mitch Cash, Shawna Wilson and Bryan McCain.

Steve Eames wishes his sister, Kathy Whitmore, in Colorado a Happy Birthday. He also wishes his brother-in-law Randy Rogers a Happy Birthday. He talked to Paul Lee and one of his cousins had passed away. The opossums are showing up a lot at his house. They frighten his dog.

“I'm at the age where my train of thought often leaves the station without me.”

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