Birthdays in Nov. consist of the following: Dixie Martin, Daniel Love, Nancy Sharp, Rhonda Montoya, JoAnne Wilson, Tyreece Wilson, John Crow, Lynda Treat, Ronda Austin, Howard and Kathy Petree, Jason Petree and Derrick Petree.

Donnie & Eva Wilson attended a Halloween party at their daughter Ashley's home. Several family members and friends, including Shawna, Faith and Colton Wilson, were present at the party. Ashley had about twenty-five trick or treaters.

Johnny Rex and Sue Wilson attended Homecoming at Bergman on Friday night. Their granddaughter Hailey Wilson was crowned Homecoming Queen.

On Saturday, Johnny Rex Wilson, Luke, Lane & Adam Johnson, and Michael Scott went to the Razorback game at Fayetteville.

On Monday, my daughter Ronda and I drove down to see my sister Carolyn Green. She said her persimmons were ready, so we collected a small bag of them. The first one I ate puckered my mouth. I had to chew gum after that because we still had some shopping yet to do.

Last Friday, my son Chuck Crow from Batesville came in to see our family and to celebrate his birthday. John and Theshia Crow, Chuck Crow, Chris Crow, Ronda Austin and me went out to Western Sizzlin for lunch in his honor. We then drove up to Maplewood Cemetery to visit my late husband Cleo Martin's grave. Halloween would have been our 20th anniversary. Maplewood's leaves were practically all gone.

My great grandson Lucas Crow turned 9 years old on Sunday. His parents are Matt and Jen Crow. I hope he had a wonderful birthday.

My sympathy to Bill and Liz Wilcox on the death of their daughter Pauleen.

We had our Thanksgiving meal at Ridgeway Church of Christ this past Sunday. The meal was wonderful.

I did not have a single trick or treater at my house Halloween night. My daughter Ronda Austin and her husband Johnnie, however, had tons of trick or treaters at their new home.

My grandson Chris Crow came over on Thursday and made cheeseburgers and sweet potato fries for our lunch.

Steve Eames, his sister Maxine and her husband Randy Rogers drove over to Cave Creek and Bass so they could visit the Sand Hill Cemetery last Friday. On Saturday, they went to a Memorial up at Eureka Springs for his cousin Gary Hoover. Steve said this makes three of his cousins who have died this year. He also talked to Annie Lee on the phone.

“Common sense is like deodorant. The people who need it most never use it.”

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