On Monday, daughter Ronda Austin came and spent the day with me. She loves to clean shelves, wash mirrors, and do dusting. She left and then called me right back and said, “Mom, Crow Lane is all washed out at the bottom of the hill”, so I called County Maintenance and they will be out here as soon as they can. We had a hard rain Sunday afternoon.

Last Friday, Ronda came and took me for a ride. As we were going down Lone Oak Dairy Road, we met the Wagon Train coming up. We pulled over and waived “Hi” to all of them. The only one that we knew was Robert Hunsaker. I bet they are all getting very tired of this ride by now. They are supposed to arrive at Springdale the Fourth of July if I am not mistaken.

A few days ago,Ronda and Johnnie Austin, as well as Lynda Treat, mowed the lawn. After it mows, of course, it rains.

My sympathy to the family of Mildred Raines.

My cousin Lamoyne Moore from Olive Branch, Mississippi was laid to rest at Maplewood Cemetery. My mother named me after her as I am Dixie LaMoyne. Then when I had my first daughter, I named her after me, Ronda LaMoyne. I don't hear that name very often, like never.

I hope all you Dads had a Happy Father's Day.

My grandson Chris Crow will come and fix lunch for me tomorrow and also this coming Thursday.

Steve Eames went and watched the Wagon Train go through town. Then he went to see his cousin Ruby Watters. Ruby said” Happy Birthday” to Wanda Gregory. Steve said that he talked to Linda Burnett, Paul Lee, and Nelda Fiveash.

Happy Birthday to my granddaughter, Tonya Crow. She works in self-checkout at Wal-Mart.

For Father's Day, Mandie Treat treated her parents, Phil and Lynda Treat, to lunch at Brick Oven.

Tina and Breyden McCain came up last week to visit her mother, Nancy Sharp and sister Tiffany Nichols.

Shellie, Luke, Ben, Lane and Adam Johnson bought pizza and dessert to Johnny Rex and Sue Wilson's home for Father's Day. Davy, Serena, Hailey, Eli and Courtland Wilson came by in the afternoon.

Donnie and Eva Wilson attended church with Justin, Shawna, Faith and Colton Wilson on Father's Day. They enjoyed a fish fry lunch after church. Donnie's name was called in a drawing for pie and he picked out a strawberry pie. They went by daughter Ashley's afterward to pick up some gifts she had for he Dad.

I don't mean to brag but I put together a puzzle in one day and the box said 2-4 years...

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