My sympathy goes to T.A. and Dorothy Fuller in the death of their daughter, Charlene. T.A. was raised in our community on what is now Hawkins Rd. I remember he had two sisters, Fern and Genevive. They attended Ridgeway School.

My sympathy to Charles and Linda Beaver in the death of their son, Eddie Beaver, last week in Oklahoma. When our kids and their kids were young, we spent time together. My late husband, Lee Crow, and Charlie Beaver went to Votech school together and worked together at different jobs. My heart goes out to them.

Last Thursday, my son Chuck Crow, Debbie and Lindsey Crow, came to see me. They stayed at a local hotel, but came and visited. On Saturday, after lunch, they had to go back home. Several of my other family came by also: John and Theshia Crow, Johnnie and Ronda Austin, my grandson Tyler Austin and his children, Journey and Jaymeson, as well as Lynda Treat and Chris Crow. It was so nice having most of family here.

On Sunday afternoon, Johnnie and Ronda Austin took their camper and went to Baxter, near Lampe, Missouri to camp for a few days. I think their son, Tyler and his family spent Tuesday up there with them.

Sympathy to the Lee family in the death of Erma Lee, who died in a nursing home a few days ago. Her son is Paul David Lee and wife Annie.

Steve Eames wishes a Happy Birthday to Luther Fiveash and his brother Bruce as well.

Sympathy to Nelda Fiveash and her family in the death of her sister, Connie Loller.

“Nothing screws up your Friday more than realizing it's really Wednesday.”

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