Johnnie Austin returned home from nearly a two-week business trip to India. He went to church this Sunday and looked pretty good for being on an airplane over 36 hours. He is probably trying to catch up on his sleep this afternoon. We are very relieved that he arrived home safely. Lynda Treat and her friend Dena Dixon went to an afternoon matinee this past Saturday. It was a story about Mr. Rogers. They said it was a tear jerker, but they enjoyed the movie anyway.

Carolyn Green's children were here. Pam and David Grimes decorated for Christmas. She felt like she was in Branson due to all the lights and decorations.

Last Tuesday my grandson Chris Crow convinced me to go to Golden Years and he dropped me off. I had not been there in months because of my side effects from cancer. My daughter Ronda Austin came early enough to eat with us and she took me home. They were having their Thanksgiving dinner there. I really enjoyed visiting with my friends.

Steve Eames told me that his cousin Johnny and Capitola Cowells visited with him on the phone and told him their daughter dying last Wednesday. They live at Cassville, Mo. He has visited with his neighbor Dorwin Cash and attended his deceased wife, Betty Cash's visitation. He wishes his cousin Ronnie Hodge and his sister Maxine Rogers a Happy Birthday. His cousin Frances Young wishes to tell everybody “Hello”. She is 97 years old and misses everyone down here.

Tina McCain and Tiffany Nichols took their mom Nancy Sharp up to Branson to eat at the Paula Dean Restaurant for her birthday. Grandson Brayden McCain and Ribbon Woolston were also there.

I had two therapy sessions last week and have two more this week, as well as a doctor visit, before Thanksgiving takes place. I hope I have time to get everything done. HappyThanksgiving to everyone.

Don't let yesterday use up too much of today.

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