Happy Mother's Day to each and everyone. It was sure a good one. We all got to go back to church (only) in the big building and 6 feet apart. They are working on our church building. That was one way to start the week off.

Nancy Bennett of Branson, Missouri visit with Mr. and Mrs. John Lowe her brother and wife and nephew Kevin Lowe on Mothers day and Nancy Birthday. They call in lunch from Myrtle Maes and Kevin and Sue took Nancy over to get their lunch and took her around Eureka Spring she never been around the place here and then came home and had lunch outside. It was a beautiful day and her birthday cake.

Chris Lowe and Lizzy Nay visited Saturday night with his dad John and mom Sue brought her Mothers Day gift and also they went out and visited Kevin Lowe. Sandra Mallote visit Mothers day with her daughter Karen Janes in Eureka Springs had fix her lunch.

On April 30 the good lord looked down and got another rose for his rose garden, Francisca Calvillo, she was the mother of Arturo Calvillo of Green Forest they went to move her to her house and before they got her home she left. It is so sad for everyone that has love one in the hospital can't be with them and they have to die alone Thanks to COVID19. SO many people have lost their loved ones. She didn't have COVID19 she only 75 my mom was 73. I know what he is going through at least she was at home with family. The family of Calvillo has our deepest sympathy.

Like to remember my mom Violet Jones her birthday was May 6 she would have been 102 she was 73 when she left. In Sept. she will be gone 30 years.

Mother's Day visitors Linda and Roy Scarrow was Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Scarrow, Travis Scarrow, Hailey and Hannah, Mr. and Mrs. Preston Scarrow.

Travis Scarrow, Hannah and Haily and boyfriend visited with Julie in Hale Cemetery. It was hard it was the 1st Mother's Day without Julie but she was still in their heart.

Cousin Jerry Presley is coming to Branson, Missouri. Saturday, June 6 at God and Country Theatre in Branson. I like to see him because he is the cousin of Elvis .

Friday night bingo was pack in to full house they had to bring in more tables and chairs they were not 6 feet apart. I didn't go. I didn't want to win the COVID19 a friend of his won $10,000. It must be nice.

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