Wow! Last night was a wild night with our phone going off with a tornado warning to take cover. Who ever did that a big thank you. We got a deal in Oak Grove but we only live 1 and half miles straight through about half but we can’t hear it. It was a wild night.

We went and ended a long week with tornado warning. On Wednesday we had a bad accident a lady that goes to church with me walk out in front of a pick up he had just left the stop light heading south. Linda Blumfent she was a sweet lady she sit in front of me at church two weeks ago and we talk. The family of Linda has our deepest sympathy and then on Thursday we got the word that John’s Aunt Blanche Lowe passed away at 10:30 a.m. on Nov. 12.

Was sorry to learn the passing of Debbie L Kelly 61. She is the daughter of the late Sam and Wanda Jones and on Nov. 7 to be with her family. The family down here has our deepest sympathy.

The family of Gene Plumlee has our deepest sympathy. He was a real good man that we all enjoyed. He was a neighbor of ours and a good friend.

A get well to Wyndell Cary who has went back to the hospital. We wish him a get well soon.

Donna Butler took Ida Harper’s daughter Becky down to Harrison to pick up Ida’s car.

Kevin Lowe, Sue Lowe and Daniel Morgan went to Harts in Eureka Spring Sunday shopping for their fall festival sale.

Ida Harper and daughter Becky were recent supper guests of Roger Holiday and Donna Butler.

Like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Bring on the turkey.

For first year John Lowe got to Celebrate Veteran’s Day John and Sue Lowe went to Branson to the Outback to eat. Nancy Bennett met them there.

Sandra Malotte was Monday dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. Gary Blevins.

The word of the loss of Blanche Lowe came to a shock to us of Oskaloosa, Kansas. She was sweet aunt. I could remember her birthday it was March 5 day after mine. We are going to miss her.

Mr. and Mrs. John Lowe visit Friday with Nancy Bennett and to fix up flower to send for Aunt Blanche's funeral since this COVID-19 was better to send than go to the funeral.

A get well to Lenora (Blevins) Doty she has been in and out of hospital. Hope she gets to come home to her husband Junior Doty and family. She need your prayer.

Attention don’t forget the Green Forest Christmas parade is Dec 5 Sat. at 10 a.m. and Merry Christmas.

Like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

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