Today is the last news of the year of 2020. I’m glad after all I went through. I thank god everyday that I wake up. What I went through in July 2 surgeries in 1 month. I have been having trouble with my legs they are sore I don’t know what is going on with them. I just keep living each day.

At the end of 40 days of rain God showed Noah a rainbow at the end of 2020 God shows us the star of Bethlehem.

Donna Butler and Roger Holiday was Sunday night Christmas supper guests of he brother Doug and Sheila Robinett and Amber.

Kevin Lowe, Sydney Cary and daughter Vienna Jackson, Sue Lowe enjoyed a evening at Silver Dollar City on Dec. 27 last time this year maybe we can go next year more.

Christmas day visitors of John and Sue was Kevin Lowe, Sydney Cary, and Vienna


Christmas Day visitors of Chris Lowe, Brayden, Madison, and LIzzy Nay was her mother Donna Mcwhorter and her grandson James Diehls of Branson,Missouri.

Kevin Lowe, Sydney Cary, Vienna Jackson, and Sue Lowe went to to Branson West Walmart for the half price Christmas shopping and then went on to Nancy Bennett for Christmas

Dinner and John Lowe and Wade Boyd was there.

A get well to Jeremy Jiles who is in the hospital with the COVID-19.

I was sitting in Sunday school and I spot the drum that hadn’t been in there since we redid the church. I then saw our drummer boy Nathan Bradley, Arkansas State Trooper and his wife Molly and Daughter Alexis of Manila, Ar. was up for the Christmas Holiday, it was so good to see him and his family. I wish and pray he would get back up here. Nathan Bradley and

family spent the week end with his brother and sisters and family.

John and Sue Lowe went to the Branson Outback to eat for their 31 anniversary on Dec. 23.

I get a hold of Marie Walker. She is 95, I had call her to wish her Merry Christmas. I had get to talk to her she is a sweet lady.

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