This is a beautiful Sunday Oct.11 with the sun is so bright and in 80 today I went to church. Friday Kevin and Sue Lowe took John Lowe to the VA hospital in Springfield, Missouri. They took pictures of his lung to see if the spot had grew anymore. We wait on the test hope it is good news and then we came back to Blue Eye, Missouri and had breakfast at the Oasis.

God look down and picked another beautiful flower a lady we all love and was well known around Berryville, Gay Jones Morgan. We all knew her and love as she greet everyone that walked through the door at Walmart. I remember 3 years ago I had came to Wal-Mart to pick up my 1st Eliquis. I had been to the Dr. in Rogers and gave me the prescription to get and I was telling Gay she said girl you need to be home with your leg up. What you doing in here someone else should had come in. Gay was a sweet sweet person. I had missed her back in March. I thought the reason she wasn’t there at the door was COVID-19. The family has our deepest sympathy. She will be missed.

Another well known lady of Green forest flower and craft shop Karen Clemace went to her new home. The family has our deepest sympathy.

The family of Warren L. Tresler has our deepest sympathy. I just looked at Facebook and there has been 2 more died. We are up to 12 in Carroll County.

A get well to Randy Cain of Branson, Missouri. He goes in for surgery Oct. 22 for his heart our prayers are with you.

We got a new black top from Oak Grove to Green Forest on 104 highway.

The family of Owen Terhurst has our deepest sympathy.

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