Happy New Year 2021. This is my 55 years of writing the Yocum news. I should celebrate.

I wish Dish would put Channel 10 back on like they did 27 on Christmas Day.

Went to church today. I start my year off right. I just hope that I don’t get in the hospital like last year. I want a good and happy year.

Sandra Malotte and Sue Lowe went to Eureka Springs Thursday to Myrtle Maes to celebrate Sandras 72 birthday. They make the best hot beef sandwich.

Kevin Lowe, Sydney Cary, Madison Lowe, Brayden Lowe, Daniel Morgan and Adam Walker all went out to the bowling alley in Berryville. Brayden Lowe and Madison Lowe spent Friday night with their uncle Kevin Lowe and

Sydney Cary.

Those who were at Karen Janes home in Eureka Springs to celebrate Christmas Dinner and exchange gifts were Sandra Malotte of Berryville; Robbie Saul, Hera, Archie, of Springdale; Pam Turley of Berryville; Rocks, Kareena Nathis, daughter Lilly of Yellville; J Tumbleson and Alexis.

On Jan. 3, 1977, 44 years ago, Elvis Presley came to Jasper to attend a funeral. He landed at the Boone County Airport in Harrison aboard his Lockheed Jetstar nickname Hound Dog by Elvis. Where was I at when he was in Harrison?

Ida Harper and daughter were New Year Eve guests of Donna Butler and Roger Holiday.

Linda Gordon had surgery in her other eye and got along great. Had it done in Rogers.

A get well to Larry Plumlee who has the COVID-19. We hope to see you on the road again riding your bicycle.

A get well to Wyndell Cary who got to come home he had been staying with his brother.

We Sue Lowe, John Lowe, Kevin Lowe and Sydney Cary worked on our house Saturday and we call the supper in at Carols Country Diner. I order a Goss burger it was just like the Check Burger with a lot of mustard onion and tomatoes this was my second one and it was the best. I like their taco salad. You got to try Carol food in a small town of Oak Grove.

Those who were at Roy and Linda Scarrow for Christmas Dinner were Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Scarrow, Cody, Dustion (Bug) Scarrow and his girlfriend, Mr. and Mrs. Preston Scarrow, Travis Scarrow, Hannah and Hailey and her boyfriend from Farmington.

Those who were at Danny and Betty Wood for Christmas Dinner were Mischelyn Wood

and her boyfriend, Brian Wood.

A get well to Danny Wood who has COVID-19. Get well Soon.

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